Gypsy Juice hot sauce by the case


12-5 oz bottles.

Amazinghot sauce that's all natural, fat free,no sugar or carbs, no GMO. gluten free.. Made with a blend of fresh hot peppers, garlic, cilantro and spices. Fabulous on scrambled eggs, rice, beans and any grilled meats and raw shellfish.Out standing for making guacamole! Scrumptious marinade for chicken wings. Makes a great dip when added to sour cream or Yogurt.Delicious on egg rolls and Chinese food.Try some in chicken soup or beef stew. Excellent on raw oysters and little necks.Spice up sandwiches or fish. Kids love it and they will eat their veggies when sprinkled with Gypsy Juice. Zero calories for 1 teaspoon! Gypsy Juice has a unique formula that allows the sauce to be mild at room temperature,medium heat directly from the frig and place bottle in freezer for 10 minutes and the Gypsy Juice becomes is intensely hot! Check Gypsy Juice out on Facebook and see what people are saying!