Gypsy Juice Hot Sauce


Amazing all natural hot sauce.Fat free,no sugar,corn syrup, GMO"S or gluten! Made with a blend of natural fresh hot peppers, garlic, cilantro, vinegar, salt, spices, xantham gum(natural thickener) and an all natural corn MSG. Low in Sodium. Made 100 % in America. 5 oz bottle

Marvelous on scrambled eggs,rice & beans, grilled meats and raw shellfish. Spice up ranch dressing. Mash in to ripe avocados for perfect guacamole. Sensational for chicken wings and fried fish. Gypsy Juice makes the perfect dip when added to sour cream or yogurt. Use in place of hot mustard for egg rolls.Wow on Chinese food! Have a cold? Add some to chicken soup or beef stew! Raw seafood lovers- can not live with out Gypsy Juice on oysters and clams!Tuna fish becomes amazing with a dash of Gypsy Juice. Add to tomatoes and make homemade salsa. Your foods will never be the same! Chef's across America love the flavor profile of this hot sauce

Gypsy Juice has a unique formula that allows the sauce to be mild at room temperature,medium heat directly from the refrigerator and place the bottle in freezer for 10 minutes and the Gypsy Juice becomes is intensely hot! Remember not to leave precious Gypsy Juice in the freezer too long! The heat reverses back.

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Enjoy,and please spread the word about Gypsy juice. The media is reporting it is the best tasting hot sauce they have ever had! Available at Island Creek Oyster Bar, Formaggio Kitchen locations, Fruit Center Market place